Liesl  S.  Taylor
Head of School
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to the Website



The Montessori curriculum is timeless; rich in content, depth, and rigor and uses scientifically developed materials for optimal brain development. Children and adults work together to establish strong, peaceful, diverse communities in which they develop a sense of belonging, exceptional problem-solving skills, self-confidence, compassion and independence. Children with these strengths are able to make good decisions for themselves and are well on their way to healthy, happy development.

Of course this is what we all want for our children and, yet, enrolling your child in a Montessori school can, at times, seem like a leap of faith… like going out on a limb. This experience you are giving your child doesn’t look like typical school and you don’t have the same measures or gages to understand how your child is doing, such as traditional homework or weekly tests and grades. This is okay! We aren’t aiming for ‘typical’! At the same time, these are your precious children and you need to be informed and grow in your comfort and understanding of Montessori Education. With our new website we hope to support you in feeling more connected to what your child is doing and how your child is doing, while still allowing your child his or her own unique Montessori experience.

Just as importantly, we need to grow in our understanding of what is important to you, your family, your beliefs and your culture in the education of your child. I welcome your questions regarding Montessori curriculum, philosophy, and specific materials, as well as questions about Cornerstone’s approach to policies, procedures, and community engagement including how we address the complicated issues of the complicated times we live in. I will use your questions as starting places for being in dialog with you around the topics in which you express interest.

One section the children and I are both excited about is going to be called, “What’s the Checker Board, Anyways?” In this section, children will video-record them selves introducing you to different materials, how they are used and which skills they help the children develop! I think you will love it!  

Please join us in making this website an interactive and informative space to be engaged regarding your child’s education!    

As Mark Twain said, “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”