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  School Publications  

Special Community Events
Cornerstone End of Year Celebration
CMES Enrollment 2019-2020 School Year
CMES 2019-20 Enrollment Application
CMES Intent to Return for 2019-2020
Back to School 2019-2020
Bus Ride Application and CMES Bus Policy 2019-20
Cornerstone Parent Handbook
Cornerstone Parent Handbook - 2018-19
School Calendar
2019-20 CMES School Calendar
Cornerstone May 2019 calendar dates
Cornerstone April 2019 calendar dates
Cornerstone March 2019 calendar dates
Cornerstone February 2019 calendar dates
Cornerstone January 2019 calendar dates
Cornerstone December 2018 calendar dates
2018-19 CMES School Calendar
School Closing Information
Cornerstone School Closing Procedures
School Menus
June 2019 School Menus
May 2019 School Menus
April 2019 School Menus
March 2019 School Menus
February 2019 School Menus
January 2019 School Menus
December 2018 School Menus
November 2018 School Menus
October 2018 School Menus
September 2018 School Menus
Title I Resources
Title I Parent Involvement Plan
Title I School-Parent Compact
CMES Parent Resources
Using Storybooks to Support Children's Social and Emotional Development
Summer Eats Program
Freedom and Responsibility
CMES Homework Perspective
Planes of Development
Books to Support Emotional/Social Development
Self Regulation Binder
Community Dental Care Form
Girl Scouts
How to Talk WITH Kids About Race & Racism
Parent/Guardian Guide to Statewide Testing
MCA Assessment Schedule - Spring 2019
2018-19 Assessment Schedule
CMES Assessment Rationale
Minnesota Department of Education Assessment Guide