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Bewell, Chris Director of Business Operations
Schwartz, Alyssa Head of School
Taylor, Liesl Director of Elementary Pedagogy
Younkin Viswanathan, Kara Administrative Assistant

Crooks, Cynthia English Language Learner Teacher
Goff, Jess Upper Elementary Guide
Johnson, Mara Upper Elementary Guide
McDermott, Molly Children's House Guide
Osterkamp, Amber Lower Elementary Guide
Outlaw, Maisah Children's House Guide
Riemer, Megan Reading/Literacy Specialist
Splinter, Suzi Special Education Teacher
Wade, Sara Lower Elementary Guide

Bahnemann, Hayley Classroom Substitute
Fendt, Tom Special Education Paraprofessional
Kennedy, Catherine Children's House Trained Assistant
Nesbitt, Frankie Special Education Paraprofessional
Paz Garcia, Estefani Lower Elementary Classroom Assistant
Reigada, Tatiana Special Education Paraprofessional
Shubat, David Special Education Paraprofessional