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Lower Elementary "Going Out" to Panaderia Lindo Amanecer Bakery
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Today's "Going Out" to the bakery was a great experience for all involved. The children received a presentation from Amber, their Guide, on the Interdependencies of Humans Beings, which is a fancy way of saying that they heard a story about how important all the people involved in making bread are. The children were so excited that they planned a Going Out to the bakery called Lindo Amanecer inside Loma Bonita on White Bear Avenue in St. Paul. The children were in charge of all the details: they called the bakery (speaking primarily in Spanish), researched the bus routes, made sure all of the adults signed the permission forms, wrote questions to ask the bakers, and wrote thank you notes to give to their hosts even before they left!

When they arrived at the bakery the children were excited and the workers gave them aprons and hats, which they later got to keep. The bakery had agreed to make a special bread for them to share with the class, made with honey instead of sugar, and the children got to help make it. Right away they were given bread knives and loaves to cut and put in a bowl; the children then sprinkled the bowl with honey, watched the baker crack the eggs (they were fascinated with his speed), and watched the mixer blend the ingredients. Then they were allowed to scoop the bread onto the pans and spread it out, before watching it go in the oven.





While we waited for the bread to bake there was a little shop that sold smoothies and they let the children try two different flavors.


The children also picked out a special treat to bring back to Cornerstone for the staff to eat in the staff lounge and wrote a little note too.

The children shared the bread they made with their classmates and told them all of the things they learned about the process of making bread. And, because the workers spoke mostly Spanish, the children practiced their “gracias” and at the end, all 5 children put their arms around each other, counted to three, and said “gracias” together. We talked a lot about gratitude on the walk home and how thankful we were for their hospitality and how kind it was for them to let us work in their space and how hard it was to make bread. We even talked about how hard it was to wait for the bread to bake and how we exercised patience.

The children learned a lot about how bread is made and how to work together to make something to share. Most importantly, they learned about gratitude and appreciation for other people and how hard they work and how to show respect and thankfulness for the kindness shown from others towards them. 

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