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Cornerstone Community Stone Soup Event
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Friday, February 02, 2018
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Cornerstone ‘Stone Soup’ is an annual event in which we celebrate the unique gifts that each person brings to our community. In the folk tale Stone Soup, there isn’t anything tasty to eat or share until everyone comes together and contributes just a little bit, making in the end, a wonderful soup for all. Children at Cornerstone read and discuss this story each year as a reminder of how important it is to embrace the ‘little bit’ that everyone has to offer making our community such a rich and peaceful and interesting place to spend each day. Additionally, the children host a food drive that night and donate the food to the local food shelf, the sight of their biweekly service work so they are able to experience the importance of contributing to their larger community! The evening ends with the entire community gathering outdoors to sing the song “One Voice” by candlelight and full of nice warm soup! 








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