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Cornerstone Distance Learning Plan - March 27, 2020
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Friday, March 27, 2020

Dear Cornerstone Families,

Thank you for your patience with the development of our distance learning plan.  We know it has been challenging for many of you to keep your child busy while also trying to work yourself.  

This distance learning plan will be in effect for the entire Cornerstone community April 6 until May 5 or later.  We will follow guidance from Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education through the month of April as to whether May 5 is, in fact, the correct day to reopen. 

Distance learning does not mean homeschooling - we are not expecting you to teach your children; the plan that follows below does require your assistance in giving your children access to time and space for learning, however we will give you as much support as possible in structuring your children’s time.  We appreciate that this is a new way to learn for all of you (as it is for us!) and that there may be some hiccups in the early days.  Please stay in touch with us so that we can make sure our plan is working for everyone.  We also recognize that this is an enormous amount of information and thank you for reading this email to the end.


General Format of Distance Learning

Each of our classes will offer a mix of live collectives (an opportunity for socializing and sharing communally), live office hours/check-ins with children and/or parents, recorded content (lessons, read-alouds, songs and stories) which can be viewed at any time, and “assignments” that children can complete independently, using the materials included in your boxes.  We have scheduled your children’s real-time interactions to allow families with multiple children to participate; necessary live lessons with specialists (Suzi, Deborah, Liesl, Megan, Cynthia, Kevin, Special Education service providers) will be scheduled outside of those times as best we can, but may on rare occasions require a child to miss their daily collective.  



All 1st-6th graders will be given a Google log-in (  Our primary method of sharing information with your children will be through Schoology (Children’s House and Elementary only).  We ask that you use your child’s Google log-in, when you receive it, as their Schoology username.  These log-ins will also give your child access to Google Drive, which we may use for co-creating documents and other files (primarily in the Upper Elementary).  Kindergartners will not receive a Google log-in; all Children’s House children should use a parent email address or create an individual user name within Schoology.

An email will follow from your child’s guide and/or relevant specialists containing the access code for each classroom’s Schoology course.  More detailed instructions are below for logging in to the website.  Schoology can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, with any operating system.  You will be able to access your child’s Schoology course once you have received your access code, however please note that content may not be available until April 6.  We do encourage you to sign up and get acquainted with the program this coming week.

Our primary method of providing live content will be through Zoom   You will receive Zoom links within your child’s Schoology account; we encourage you to download now the Zoom app to your smartphone and/or the plugin on your desktop/laptop.  All Zoom video calls will also have a phone-in option, if you do not have access to a smartphone or tablet at a given time.

The Toddler Community will offer live Zoom gatherings, office hours with Lourdes and Laurie, and daily emails, but will not have a Schoology course.



Each child has the materials they need to work remotely for now.  If we find that additional materials are needed, we will coordinate with you to receive them either by mail or drop-off.  Your guide will explain what materials your child has received either in their email this afternoon or in the early days of distance learning.  We are in the process of getting devices to families that have need, per the technology survey conducted earlier this week.  Most of your children have books either in their boxes or you have indicated they have access to them at home.  If you are in search of reading materialOpen Library offers thousands of books to read online, and the Ramsey County Library is offering curbside pickup of requested material.



Attendance will continue to be taken daily and will be based on touchpoints between Cornerstone staff and your child during live collectives, office hours, or verification of completed work.  If your child is ill or has a planned absence, please let your child’s guide and Daylin know (    

Thank you for making it to the bottom of this email!  Cornerstone’s Distance Learning Plan will be posted on the website as well and you can continue reading for more advice on setting up your Schoology account.  Again we invite you to reach out frequently to let us know how things are going.  This coming week is spring break; the staff will be taking a well-deserved rest (meals will continue to be delivered).

We look forward to seeing your child in our Zoom classrooms on April 6!

The very best from all of us at Cornerstone,



The MDE has outlined a set of expectations that will constitute a school district's plan for providing instruction to all students in the event that school is closed for a long period of time.  A plan is to be developed and posted on a school’s website by March 30th, 2020.  Click here to review the components of the plan required by the MDE.  



Setting Up Schoology

We will be using Schoology as our virtual classroom forum. In order to connect with our class and receive content, updates, lessons, and all the necessary materials for distance learning you will need to create a Schoology account for your child and join our course. To sign up for your Schoology account go to this website:
To join the course please use the google ID provided to you by Cornerstone. 
You will need a course access code to get started and for each course that you are joining. 
Here are a few tutorials to help you get started.
How to sign up (Students)
Getting started – navigating schoology
Join a course
After your child is signed up you can also register for a parent account if you desire. In order to create a parent account you will need a parent access code. Please contact your guide and specialist for this code once your child is registered and I will provide it for you. Parent codes are unique for each child and not created until the child is registered.
Sign up as a parent
Parent Guide to Schoology

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