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Cornerstone Stepping Stones News 1-8-21 - English
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Friday, January 08, 2021

Dear Cornerstone Families, 

Happy new year!  I hope this first week back to school has gone well for everyone.  I know that many of you likely have questions about Cornerstone’s return to in-person learning.  We plan to have more information to you by the end of next week about our thinking and seeking information from you about your thinking.  Thank you for your patience.


Open Enrollment for 2021-22

Our period for new enrollment at CMES will be the month of February this year.  If you are currently enrolled, you do not need to do anything to hold your spot for next year.  If you have an incoming kindergartner, sibling, or have friends who are interested in entering our lottery, applications will be released February 1 and we will send another note then with the link.  


Stone Soup

While we can’t gather together for soup and in-person conversation at the end of January, we can still share community online.  Stone Soup will be Saturday, January 30, in the comfort of your own home.  We are very excited this year to offer several ways to engage:  we’ll be requesting your family’s favorite soup recipe for a Cornerstone Community Cookbook, a reading of the Stone Soup book, and more!  Stay tuned for details to come next week.  


Park Visits Are Back!

Join Liesl and Tess for fun outside on Tuesdays and Thursdays this month.  Click here for more information!


Events on Wednesday

Your minds have likely been on the news this week as we continue to experience extraordinary events in our country.  Please know that, as always, our classrooms and on-line classrooms continue to be welcoming and safe spaces for children to bring up concerns about news they’ve heard and to process it with each other and with the support of their guides and other trusted adults.  All four of our elementary classrooms approached discussions about Wednesday’s events in Washington, DC, with age-appropriate opportunities to share facts and feelings.  In Lower Elementary, the conversations focused more around the big feelings that children (and adults) may be feeling, and how to look out for each other as humans.  In Upper Elementary, children were invited to share what they knew and what they felt, using the time to quell rumors and address very real, very big concerns about equity, “protest” versus “extremism,” and facts versus opinion.  These conversations were, as they always are, heartfelt and supportive of children where they are.  I want to commend all four guides on tackling a hard situation with grace and sincerity.


Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

Cornerstone will be closed on January 18, in observation of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.  Families that receive meals will be able to pick them up on Tuesday, January 19, between 10:30 and 4:00.


Have a nice weekend,


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