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Cornerstone Stepping Stones News 2-5-21 - English
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Friday, February 05, 2021

Dear Families,

Honoring Black lives during Black History Month is powerful, but it is also important that we don't segregate Black history from American history. Five days into this Black History Month, I am struck by the way our guides incorporate the message that Black Lives Matter into their teaching year-round, and not just during February. This week, the Upper Elementary classes have daily learned about a historical figure or event that isn’t commonly taught, from DJ Kool Herc, the creator of hip-hop, to Fort Mose, the first all-Black settlement in the United States.  In Lower Elementary, today’s music lesson centers on Ray Charles, and in the Children’s Houses, Black literature is read alongside books by authors from Hmong, European, and Indigenous backgrounds.  Year-round we ensure that children are exposed to Black artists, authors, and music; incorporate Black history into discussions of current events; and encourage critical thinking around colonialism and racism.  Acknowledging the contributions and experiences of Black Americans must, and at Cornerstone does, happen regularly, lest we continue to teach our children that Black is “other” (which, in this country, historically means “less than”).  


Stone Soup

It was such a joy to see so many families at our Stone Soup celebration!  Our first ever Cornerstone Community Cookbook is beautiful and full of delicious recipes to try this chilly weekend.  Hard copies will be distributed with materials today or you can download the PDF linked above.  Our Stone Soup Read-Aloud is also available for you to watch again.


2021-22 Enrollment

CMES is accepting applications until March 31 for our 2021-22 lottery.  If you, your neighbors, friends, or relatives have children over 5, we encourage you to share the application!  Click here for more information.

CMS is also accepting applications for the Toddler Community (immediate enrollment possible) and the Children’s Houses (summer enrollment possible).  Families with children between 16 months and 5 years are encouraged to apply.  Visit our website for the application and tuition schedule.


Parent Partnership - February 22

Our next Parent Partnership event will be at 5:30 on February 22, on Zoom.  The Toddler Community and Children’s House guides will be partnering for a session on incentivizing children in the 0-6 plane of development.  Join our four leads to discuss the impact of rewards, punishment, and praise on young children.  Our four Elementary guides will also be partnering for a session on Cosmic Education in a Distanced World.  Both presentations will offer meaningful discussions about what is developmentally-appropriate for children academically and emotionally, during a year when you are spending significantly more time with your children than normal.  The Zoom link will be shared closer to the event.


Free Dental Care This Weekend

“Give Kids a Smile” is here again! Through this program, dental professionals in Minnesota provide free dental care to children once a year. This year’s event will take place on Friday, February 5th and on Saturday, February 6th. Check out the website to register to get dental care. Services offered may vary by clinic.     

No eligibility questions will be asked to seek care. Patients younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian to receive dental care. 

If you need assistance or translation services, please call United Way 2-1-1 (or 800-543-7709), where Information and Referral Specialists can assist you in Hmong, Somali and Spanish Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Weather Policy

With frigid weather expected next week, please remember that a snow/cold day for on-site care will be a snow/cold day for the entire school.  Our weather policy is posted here and you will be notified as early as possible if a cancelation is necessary.


Stay warm this weekend!


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