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Cornerstone Stepping Stones News 2-11-21 - English
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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dear Families,

This week’s Stepping Stones is coming to you on a Thursday because tomorrow, Friday the 12th, is an in-service day for staff and there is no school.  Please note Monday is also a holiday.


Gem of the Week

We get to experience frequent moments of joy with the children, both on- and off-line.  Starting this week, we’ll be sharing some of those gems with you in our weekly newsletter.  

Last week, Amber was giving a math lesson on clocks to Lower Elementary children.  When she put the time “9:00” on the clock, a child said, “Hey! That's a right angle!"  Then he proceeded to move the minute hand to make an acute angle, obtuse angle, straight angle and whole angle.  As Amber shared, it was awesome.  

These moments let us know that the children are learning and making connections, and also bring joy and inspiration to the children and to our work with them.  


Meal Pickup - Tuesday

Due to Monday’s holiday, boxed meals will be available for pickup on Tuesday between 10:30 and 4:15.  We very much appreciate if you can come to collect your meals on that day.  Thank you!


Material Distribution - Friday

Next Friday, February 19, is our next material distribution day.  Lindsay and Hayley will be happy to see you between 11:00 and 5:30.


Parent Partnership - February 22

As noted in last week’s Stepping Stones, our next Parent Partnership event will be February 22 at 5:30pm.  The Toddler Community and Children’s House guides will be partnering for a session on incentivizing children in the 0-6 plane of development.  Join our four leads to discuss the impact of rewards, punishment, and praise on young children.  Our four Elementary guides will also be partnering together for a session on Cosmic Education in a Distanced World.  


Montessori Orientation Courses

The Montessori Center of Minnesota is offering two upcoming Montessori Orientations, to the 0-3 age group and the 6-12 plane of development.  Each course will include virtual and independent work and will be a wonderful introduction to Montessori and the children of these ages.  A 3-6 course will be offered this summer.  Please click here to learn more and apply.  


Stay warm this weekend!


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