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Cornerstone Stone Soup Event - January 26th
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Saturday, January 05, 2019
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Stone Soup 2019


We are happy to continue our tradition of hosting a special event to celebrate our community and to enjoy a meal and time together. While sharing food with each other, we don’t want to forget about other people in our community who are less fortunate. We would like to invite you to participate in a food drive for Merrick Food Shelf, by bringing non-perishable food items and basic toiletries to the Stone Soup Event.

The entire Cornerstone Community is invited and
we so hope to see you all there!

The Plan:

  • Arrival time 4:30-5:00; families can drop off their food drive donations in the lobby, then proceed to the classroom in which they will eat, and enjoy some time to visit or choose one of the activities listed below.
  • Families and staff eat together at 5:00.
  • When people are waiting to eat or are done eating they will have the following options for time together with family and community:
    • Connect with other families
    • Play a board game (we have games here)
    • Participate in a group song activity called “Grinding Corn”
  • At 6:00, families and staff will clean up, bundle up, and gather outside between the Pond and Garden classrooms to sing a song together by candlelight. We will start the song at 6:20 and then say goodnight. 


A few expectations to help the event be safe, enjoyable, and successful: 

  • Families can choose to eat in the Toddler community and Children’s Houses, Garden, Pond, Marsh, or Forest. 
  • Families are expected to supervise their children and stay together. If a family has children in more than one classroom, they may move around or split up, but all children, with the exception of upper elementary children, must be accompanied by at least one supervising adult. (Upper elementary children may choose to eat with, or support in their environments if family members are with younger children in other rooms.)  
  • Montessori items ~ all items ~ on the shelves are not for use this evening. Montessori materials don’t mix with food! Thank you for helping us care for our beautiful materials and environments in this way. 

Each environment will be contributing by making a pot of soup each, but we will need your help so there is enough soup for everyone. Having 4 big pots of soup per classroom should be plenty for everyone. We are asking 3 families per classroom to sign up for bringing soup. We are asking 5 families per classroom to bring bread. Please let us know if you will volunteer to do these things when you RSVP. We will invite additional volunteers from Garden, as this class is a bit larger. It can be as simple as heating up some Campbell’s soup to bring along or bringing a special family soup-favorite. Each pot of soup should serve ~8 people.

Your children will be reading Stone Soup and discussing the Folktale. Please click below to access the story, if you would like to share it at home.

Children are also practicing the song “One Voice” so that we can all sing it together at the end of the evening. You can practice this at home as well, if you wish. 


Please RSVP by emailing to say how many will attend and if you are able to be a soup or bread volunteer. 

Thank you!


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