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Suzi  Splinter
Special Education Teacher
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I am so happy to have found Cornerstone Montessori Elementary School.  It has been the perfect place to continue to develop my personal teaching skills.  Since I was a small child my greatest loves have been children and teaching.  My parents did foster care.  They tell stories of me, at 4, getting to the babies at night to quiet them before they woke my parents.  They did, however, encourage me to avoid carrying them around on my own.  My first job was teaching gymnastics to the younger children where I practiced.  The coaches would send the struggling students to me for extra hints and practice with new tricks.  

As an adult I have been a teacher in the private school and public school realm for my entire career, with a brief stint in private tutoring just before and after my son was born.  My return from that was into Charter Schools.  I began to explore the administrative side; combining teaching with managing the office, and then with serving as an assessment coordinator.  I was able to receive training in Charter School leadership and spent two years serving as the director of a 6-12 school serving students who had not found success at their traditional schools.  Approximately 50% of the students had special education needs and I loved the challenge of designing a program that was full-inclusion.  

Now I am here and happily learning each day how to serve Special Education students most effectively in the Montessori environment.  I recently was asked, as part of a course I am taking, what my ideal job would be.  I was able to reply that I have it!  The students are engaged, energetic and thoughtful. My colleagues adore and respect children.  My director works tirelessly to bring the vision and mission of the school to fruition and the parent community is engaged and delightful.  What more could I want?