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Children`s House 1 Updates and Highlights

December 2018 Highlights  

Independence is something that all Montessori environments hope to inspire in its community members. Every aspect of the Children’s House is designed to foster independence in even the youngest of its inhabitants. While we most often think of children working independently, there are endless opportunities to develop this asset. 

In Children’s House 1, the community is perhaps most independent during times of transition. Moments such as lunch set-up, clean-up, and end of the day care of environment are perfect opportunities for the individual independence of children to produce beautiful community moments, anchored in joy.

November 2018 Highlights  

Children’s House has always enjoyed caring for our environment. Some of the opportunities include dusting, washing cloths, and caring for plants.

Now that it is Fall many children have chosen to extend that care to our outdoor environment. The benefits of caring for the environment are not just in keeping a space tidy. It helps to build attention to detail as well as community. Plus, we get to play in a leaf pile after raking it!

October 2018 Highlights  

As the weather cools, Children’s House 1 has begun delving into more work in our cozy environment. However, we’re not afraid to go outside. So long as everyone is properly attired, we will brave the elements as long as we can! 

Inside, the children and adults have been inspiring each other to great heights. We now have more than one child taking all pieces out of some of our lager puzzle maps and putting them back without assistance. All children who write with instruments have taken joy in practicing cursive letters on our chalkboards. Outside of what is being presented, many children have found ways to extend their work with some materials in an explorative fashion. 

September 2018 Highlights  

We are having an exciting first month of school. Returning children have been welcoming and helpful to all of the new children. We have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and enjoying the last weeks of warm weather. Most children seem to really love the end of the day in which we all work together to prepare the environment for the next day!